Aware Parenting

Playing with feeling powerful

One of the corner stones of aware parenting is attachment play. This is a place where we can leave the heaviness of parenting 'right' behind and fall into silliness, goofy-ness and sheer enjoyment and relaxation with our children. There are so many benefits to attachment play and there are games that can support all of… Continue reading Playing with feeling powerful


Why Aware Parenting?

Parenting is hard, it pushes all our buttons, new and old. Hidden and unknown. It was a warm day 6 years ago when I knew that I could no longer wing parenting. My daughter was close to 1 and half years. I could see that the pain we were both experiencing couldnā€™t continue. I knew… Continue reading Why Aware Parenting?


Supporting Fathers

Aware Parenting is a radical concept, when we are fully engrossed in practicing and living this approach, it can be hard to see how different Aware Parenting is from the mainstream socially acceptable treatment of children. The core message of Aware Parenting (AWP) is respectful listening and tenderly nurturing the full spectrum of our children's… Continue reading Supporting Fathers

Aware Parenting

Hello world!

I've started this blog as a way to share my experiences of living aware parenting with those that are interested in parenting from a heartfelt compassionateĀ place. Practicing Aware parenting has been like learning a new language, one that communicates exactly what my heart wants my children to see, feel and experience. I hope to share… Continue reading Hello world!